Is Selling Your Business as Tough as Selling Real Estate in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas has always managed to grab the headlines for its exciting nightlife, its gambling, its shows, its dining and its beautiful scenic location near the Hoover Dam and Red Rock Canyon. But lately the headlines have been about the economy there. High foreclosure rates, unemployment, etc. But one thing remains constant: Las Vegas is still a very friendly business environment. Why? Because Las Vegas requires no business tax, no state income tax, and board members of a corporation can remain anonymous indefinitely. So with such a business-friendly environment why would you want to sell your business in Las Vegas? Many people, especially baby boomers, are taking early retirement. They’ve planned for it their whole lives and now is the time. Some people want out because of the economy, and some people are just ready for a change. All of these reasons contribute to a great climate in which to sell your small business in Las Vegas.

A Sure Thing

If you decide to sell your business in Las Vegas now, you’ll have at least some knowledge about your future. If you haven’t already, you can start planning what your next steps will be. Will you retire, buy another business, perhaps just take some time off to relax and enjoy life. No matter what your plans may be, if you’re going to even look into selling your business you want to hire a pro to help you. Someone whose expertise is only buying and selling businesses. That pro is Jennifer Weinberg. Ms. Weinberg comes to the table with a track record of satisfied clients. She’s been integral in the sale and purchase of myriad Las Vegas-based businesses. And she has watched as clients whom she has helped sell their businesses open new ones that soon thrive and succeed.

Business Brokers are a Lot Like Real Estate Brokers

When most people want to sell their residence, they contact an experienced real estate agent or broker that knows the neighborhood in which they live, knows the value and desirability of the home they currently own, and knows the financial climate for home sales in that environment. To sell your business in Las Vegas you need someone with the same set of skills and comprehension except as it applies to selling a business.  Jennifer Weinberg is just that individual. Ms. Weinberg has an exceptional history when it comes to selling small businesses in Las Vegas. Contract her to sell your business in Las Vegas and you will be hiring an experienced professional She’ll do all the necessary research and legwork and then present her findings to you in a clear, concise and very easy to understand manner; a truly professional presentation. Because she is one of the best business brokers in Las Vegas — much like a top real estate broker would — Ms. Weinberg will meet with you and listen to your needs and learn about your wants. She’ll consider every aspect of your situation before she does anything. She is sharp and organized with a business background that helps her assess and valuate almost any kind of  business. She will methodically research any possible sale of a corporate entity for you, then provide you with a report of an exceptional magnitude. A report that will lay out the pros and cons of every offer. She is skilled, experienced and knowledgeable. Especially in the area of small business. Jennifer Weinberg is one of the best business brokers in Las Vegas without question.

What will Jennifer Weinberg do for me?

If you hire Jennifer Weinberg to sell your business in Las Vegas, she can do just about everything for you except make the final decision. That, of course, lies with you. Whether you’re looking to sell your small business or even buy one in Las Vegas, a business broker that understands the playing field and what the “other guys” are doing’ will be  incredibly valuable to you. Jennifer Weinberg is one of the best business brokers in Las Vegas. She will do all the research and legwork for you, so you can continue concentrating on running your business. You’re job will be to decide when the best offer has been put before you and Ms. Weinberg will offer recommendations as she sees fit. Jennifer Weinberg is a Consummate Professional.

A Sixth Sense for a Great Deal

The same way a good real estate broker seems to know when a terrific property is about to emerge onto the market, Ms.Weinberg knows the pulse of small business sales in Las Vegas. She knows when it’s time to sell your business in Las Vegas and when to buy a business there. She has worked in Las Vegas and its surrounding areas for years, and has a solid understanding of what drives people there. She is, without question, one of the top business brokers in the area. Between her talent , skills and knowledge, she has an uncanny ability to not only spot a great deal but to negotiate the most favorable sale price and terms for her clients.

Jennifer Weinberg