Questions to ask a commercial broker before buying

If you are interested in purchasing Commercial Real Estate here in Las Vegas you may define it to include office buildings, strip and retail malls, restaurants , free standing buildings, manufacturing and industrial to name a few.

It’s important when you think about buying that you ask these questions and gather the following information from your broker. If you’re working with a savvy and experienced commercial broker than they will already know to get these things for you on any property you may be interested in.

Many commercial buildings are leased, so you would want to ask for a rent roll and copies of the current leases. What a rent roll tells you who the lessees are, how much rent they pay so you can evaluate the current cap rate.
The leases will give you information about whether they contribute to the common area expenses, what the terms of the leases are and when they expire among other things. It will also talk about tent increases and if the annual rent increases are based on a percentage or on the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

Ask for a pro forma, which is a document that details all the expenses and income associated with a building. The income should match the total rents and fees indicated in the leases. Expenses will include anything the landlord pays to maintain the building and keep it rented. These will include common area expenses, such as electricity and maintenance of the grounds and parking areas. It may also include trash removal, a repair budget and a number that accounts for the vacancy rate. The bottom line will show the net operating income, or NOI. You or your accountant will need this number to calculate the return on your money and, hence, the buildings profitability
If there is not a property management company in place and is managed by the owner, you also want to make sure that if you plan on incurring that expense you make any adjustments to your profit line accordingly.

It’s important also to let your agent know if you plan to use the property for personal use and if so what kind of business you would plan to put in there so they can make sure no special use permit, variances or zoning issues may occur.

Also be sure to check with the cities planning and zoning department for any proposed projects around the immediate area to ensure that the building your considering purchasing will not lose any value.
It is always best to be represented in a commercial transaction and you should always check the broker your considering hiring references and reputation.

Please call me anytime, Id be happy to work with and am never to busy for you or your referrals . You can also visit my website to receive a free list of any commercial properties that may fit your needs and I will send you that list within 24 hours of everything available valley wide and would be happy to represent you.

Important Things to Consider When Selling Commercial Real Estate

Selling commercial real estate differs greatly from selling a residential property in that commercial buildings are usually purchased as an income property and involve revenue, expenses and net operating income. Your agent should be able to put a pro forma together for you which shows the buyer, the company’s financial activities while excluding “unusual and nonrecurring transactions” when stating how much money the company or said property actually made.

It’s important to make sure you are working with a correct fair market value and capitalization rate so you can come up with a marketing strategy to make your property really pop when it hits the open market.
If you’re trying to keep the purchase confidential, signage does not have to be placed unless you allow it. Your commercial Realtor will field the inquiries and financially qualify the potential candidates prior to introducing them to you. Information about the property will be provided to all qualified candidates and a showing of the property will follow.
When a prospective buyer decides to make an offer, your commercial Realtor will assist with this process and a Letter of Intent or Contract will be completed. Once the offer has been mutually accepted, the due-diligence period will begin, which allows the purchaser to check the property and verify all seller representations.
Once the purchaser completes the lending process and the closing takes place, your property will be sold! While it seems simple enough, there are many challenges along the way. By working together with your commercial Realtor, you can meet these challenges head-on and close the sale of your property.
Here are some ways that commercial agents will calculate value on your behalf.
The NOI of a commercial real estate property is calculated by valuating the property’s first year gross operating income and then subtracting the operating expenses for the first year. You want to have positive NOI.
Cap Rate
A real estate property’s “cap” – or capitalization – rate, is used to calculate the value of income producing properties. Cap rates are used to estimate the net present value of future profits or cash flow; the process is also called capitalization of earnings.
Cash on Cash
Commercial real estate investors who rely on financing to purchase their properties often adhere to the cash-on-cash formula to compare first-year performance of competing properties. Cash-on-cash takes the fact that the investor in question doesn’t require 100% cash to buy the property into account, but also accounts for the fact that the investor will not keep all of the NOI because he or she must use some of it to make mortgage payments. To uncover cash on cash, real estate investors must determine the amount required to invest to purchase the property, or their initial

5 Tips to Prepare Your Business for Sale

Sell Las Vegas Business

Getting any business ready for sale is a complicated proposition and one that will always involve some vital considerations. Whether you plan to sell next week or in the future, you must always consider your potential buyer. Keeping his needs at the forefront of your mind will enable you to close the most lucrative and auspicious deal.

There are five things in particular you’ll need to do.

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Thinking About Buying a Business in Las Vegas

In today’s economy more and more people are joining the ranks of the unemployed. The desire to own your own business so that you have more control over your future has become a very appealing idea to many people that had never considered before. When you are ready to get serious and buy a business Las Vegas of your own you can use some of these tips to make the process easier one. First you must make sure that you are truly and genuinely ready to purchase a business. There is a lot of work that comes with purchasing a business and it does not just end there.

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What is a Business Broker?

A business broker Las Vegas NV is somebody is somebody who will assist owners of small companies in the buying or selling of their businesses. Their job description includes estimating an approximate value of the business in question; making sure all advertisements of such businesses being for sale are completed, conducting all of the initial potential buyer interviews, discussions and/or negotiations. They will also assist in the due diligence investigation and with the business sale itself. Their services are commission based and there are contracts and signed agreements between the seller or the buyer’s and the broker themselves. Many states require licenses to be obtained by brokers and have statutes that control what type of representation of broker is allowed to give their clients. In some states brokers are considered transaction brokers. This means that the broker works for neither the buyer nor the seller but simply facilitates the transaction and deals between the two allowing both parties the same level of trust and comfort in the transaction being performed. This is considered a dual agency. Both parties the seller and the buyer have separate written contracts and agreements to be represented by the same broker. The laws they vary from state to state and what is considered a dual agency can differ as well.

The types of services that are broker provides can vary depending on the practice that they work in with the skills of that particular broker. Some of the most common services that are provided by business brokers Las Vegas NV are to assist in establishing a proper value and price for the business to be sold, to gather information on the company that outlines the business for potential buyers, find potential buyers, marketing and advertising the said business to prospective buyers, screen interview and negotiate with said buyers, and guide the client to this entire process while maintaining confidentiality and fairness. The most convenient thing about hiring a business broker is allows the owner of the business to continue focusing on running the business and managing its will the entire process takes place for its sale, as this can be a long process and on average could take up to 6 to 12 months to finish. The sellers or the buyers are considered the principals in the sale and the business broker that is hired is considered the agent. When all is said and done it is the principals who must sign the contracts to finalize the deal. A broker or agent does not have the power of attorney to do so, when all is said and done as the principals who have the final say. There is no requirement for a buyer or seller to utilize the services of a business broker.

Once the contract has been drawn up and signed between the broker and a seller, the broker will then attempt to earn their commission by finding prospective buyers and closing the deal. They will work hard and diligently to get you the highest and fair price with the best terms for the seller. The business broker Las Vegas NV will ensure the confidentiality of the business in question. As most business owners are not quite sure were knowledgeable on what type of worth their business may have the broker who was trained in this business can help the owner to understand the true worth of all of their hard work and sacrifice. They have knowledge of the market as they have made their living and built their careers on selling businesses. They will save the seller and the potential buyers a great deal of time and stress by taking on all of the responsibilities that they do. They will make sure that the business has been listed for sale so that potential buyers will be aware of it and come to them for information. When the time comes all papers that are necessary will be prepared by the broker be it for advertising, pamphlets or tours. One of their most important jobs is advertising the business that is being sold. This is probably the largest outside expense for the broker when it comes to listing a business for sale.

Jennifer Weinberg, a business broker Las Vegas NV, will always provide optimal services to clients who seek her assistance. She will always be available as a contact person for answering any questions or scheduling showings to potential buyers. Prescreening potential buyers in making sure that they are qualified financially to make such a purchase is of the utmost importance. The more highly financially qualified that a potential buyer may be, can be directly related to how likely it is that the deal will be made in the transaction completed. On behalf the sellers the broker will negotiate prices. In many states the deal is closed when the potential buyer and the seller meet and ownership is officially transferred as well as the businesses name being conveyed. When deciding on the listing contract, an agreement or contract between the broker and seller, there must be the following information: both starting and ending dates as well as the amount of compensation due at the end of the transaction to the broker. When providing services to buyers and sellers a brokerage can use anyone of the following compensations; hourly, retainer or a success fee which is received commission upon the closing. Most commonly business brokers are commission based, meaning that the broker will receive your commission contingent upon finding a buyer and completing the sale. Is becoming more and more common for business brokers to charge a retainer for their services as this will help cover any upfront costs that may be incurred by them for the services rendered. It also helps to ensure that the seller or client is serious about selling their business.

Steps a Seller Should Follow When Selling Their Small Business

When you are ready to sell your small business hiring a business broker Las Vegas is the smart thing to do. When the time comes following some simple steps can make the process a whole lot easier for you as well as any prospective buyer that may come along. Successfully selling your business takes teamwork. You need to form a strong team of professionals who can get you where you want to be in selling your business. Some of the professionals that you may need a higher will include attorneys as well as accountants. You may also need a hire banker and they can direct you where to go to find somebody can advise you with your acquisition. Once you have this team of professionals established you need to be sure to listen to and follow the of vice that is given as they have the experience and the knowledge and know-how to get you the best price for your business. Selling a business today has become a very detailed and specialized process. You will find that each one of these professionals that you have hired will have their own part to play in job to do in order to successfully sell your business. One of the first things that needs to be done is a valuation of your business. These professionals have experience and know what factors need to be considered when deciding upon a market price for companies within certain industries.

You will need to make sure that detailed and comprehensive documentation is created for potential buyers to look at in the future. You need to develop an appealing package that markets and present your business in a way that will draw the attention and interest of prospective buyers. The marketing of your business is handled by the business broker Las Vegas that you have hired onto your team. The market changes so much and so often that buyer prospects greatly differ from those that were found even just a few years ago. With technology that is available today people have become conditioned to having accurate and current reports and details at their fingertips. So these are the types of things that you need to have ready and available when prospective buyers come calling. These buyers will also be expecting for you to have justification for the price you are asking for and the terms that you are expecting to receive when the sale is completed. If all of this information is not organized and presented in a professional manner prospective buyers will become uneasy and doubt the reputation of the business if all of the information, data and records that are present them are messy or incomplete. This is where having a team of these professionals behind you comes into play and helps to make the transaction and sale of your business a much smoother process. What you have completed this package that market your business you will have a better understanding an idea of what type of buyer you will need to find. You will also have a better understanding of how much cash that prospective buyer will need in order to close the deal. Your business broker should then begin targeting and qualifying prospective buyers based off of this information once it is been put into their database. Be prepared to take your time and not rush this process as that can limit how successful the transaction is as well as how much money you walk away from the deal with.

A good business broker Las Vegas will make sure that you do not lower your standards and take less than your company deserves to be sold for. Get your team together and brainstorm and figure out how you can identify people who are not good prospective buyers from those who do have potential for successful sale to be made and completed. If you decide that you want to advertise your business being for sale take into consideration that only 5% of the populations realistically are genuine prospective buyers. You want to take that marketing and advertising and focus it in the direction and through the avenues that this 5% of the population is following. Your broker should know how to make sure that this happens and be prepared and understand your business is not going to sell overnight. This process can take up to a year and sometimes for some businesses longer than that. When you find a prospective buyer who is both interested and qualified you want to be professional in your negotiation. This process is not again and your main goal and focus is to sell your business not necessarily being the winner of these negotiations. At this point the groundwork should be laid by you and the prospective buyer for closing on the deal. When dealing with prospective buyer you need to look at the measure out why not is your enemy and keep the focus on your goal of selling the business. Work with the buyer on solutions and Prichard heads together to combat any problems that may come up and arise during the negotiation process.

Having a business broker Las Vegas who can mediate and help buffer any situations that could possibly turn into disputes can serve huge safety net and help tremendously at calming the situation. At this point you need to again focus all of your attention on completing the sale of your business. Do not delay negotiations or eventual closings. If you have come to terms within your negotiations that you feel are fair for both parties involved the buyer and the seller wrap it up quickly. No matter how good of a prospect a buyer may be they can change their mind overnight. Your business is not sold until it is sold.

Selling Your Business Why Use a Business Broker

One of the most important business transactions that you will ever have as a business owner could very well be when you decide it is time to sell your business. Many people try to be brave and do this on their own without the help of the best business broker Las Vegas for other professionals. When you ask one of these people if they felt as if they got a good deal more often than not there answers are not very sure of confident and they will respond with” I think so” or ” I really do not know but I got my asking price.” Let us try and answer some of the questions that you may have about hiring a business broker and when you do what you get for the price that you pay.

When you hire best business broker Las Vegas you will be confidentiality and all of your dealings. If you try to sell your business on your own that alone will make it known to the world that your business is up for sale. Your employees, your customers, your suppliers as well as your bankers will all begin to get nervous and any of the competitors in your industry begin to get predatory. Using a business broker allows the identity of your company that is for sale to be protected and kept under wraps. If you want your identity to be kept secret there is a process that a broker will use where only buyers approved by you will be contacted using what is called applied profile. This profile gives an outline and basic information about your company while not revealing what company it actually is. When there is a prospective buyer that wants more information about the company they will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement so as not to expose anything that they learn on a more personal level. This helps to eliminate any ramifications that need be detrimental to your business. Selling a business is not something that can be done part-time as is a full-time job. You as the owner are already performing all of the instrumental functions that make your business successful and keep it on track. If you choose to sell your business on your own you will force yourself to either neglect these functions and give them less attention causing damage to your business or you will not be able to solely focus on what it takes to sell the business and this could cause major problems when it comes to the amount of money you receive or guaranteeing fair negotiations. It can only harm you. Maintaining full function and keeping the business running at its highest in full potential is of the utmost importance during the sale. If your business falls apart while you concentrate on selling it, who is going to want to buy it?

It is the best business broker Las Vegas is job specifically to sell your business. With knowledge and experience they are able to close the transaction faster than the owner could if he sold it on his own. The quicker that this process is done and the sale is made the lower the risk of the business falling apart, customers going elsewhere and problems with current employees. It also lowers the risk of the competition finding out that the business is for sale and taking advantage of that fact. A business broker also allows you a larger pool of potential buyers. They have access to databases of businesses that allows them to prescreened buyers in certain industries as well as know which of these buyers has the financial backing to be a true potential buyer. The broker will also help present and market the business in the best way possible to maximize the available selling price. Through experience they have learned to understand what drives a buyer and can help the owner to make changes that can up the selling prices well. Another key factor that comes with their job is knowing the valuation and how to determine what selling price you should ask for. Having the knowledge to do this takes experience and for the average person it must be considered that this is not like buying or selling a house. Each business is unique in its own way and there are many different things that affect the value of small businesses. The broker will know how to access their databases and use the information provided as a guideline were reference point in determining the value of the company being sold.

The best business broker Las Vegas will also be able to maintain a good solid relationship between the buyer and the seller. This is an emotional process and can be frustrating at times. That being said tempers can flare because of these emotions and this can cause problems in friction between the buyer and seller. Having a business broker as a go between person can help to alleviate any of these possible problems. Having this buffer between the two parties increases the chances of the sale being closed and helps to preserve the buyer/seller relationship as these two people need to be on the same page and able to work together when the time comes to close the deal. Jennifer Weinberg is an experienced business broker and Las Vegas that can help you sell your small business and get the most money out of the deal for you.

Selecting a Best Business Broker Las Vegas

As crazy as it may seem some people going into new business would spend more time choosing things such as a coffee machine than they would be important decision of selecting and hiring a professional and experienced business broker during the process of selling a business. This can be a critical mistake that not only will cost you time and money but sometimes the ability to sell the business at all. How do you choose the best business broker Las Vegas? Here you will find a list of questions that you may want to ask when interviewing different brokers are in the selection process. You also might get some ideas of answers they may give you and what to look for in those. You could look and look to the end of time and the chances of you finding a broker who meets every qualification that you have is slim to none, none being more likely. When you do choose a broker, choose wisely and go with your gut instinct. Do you feel that this person is trustworthy, knowledgeable, experienced, organized and do you feel that you are compatible.

Some questions you might find helpful when determining and choosing the best business broker Las Vegas for you are as follows: Can the broker provide you with written references? Are these references available to be called and talked to? If a broker can provide you with references this is an indication that they have done their job and they have done it well. It is also an indication that the broker was dedicated to completing the transaction and providing the proper follow-up that is necessary in these type of business deals. When the time comes for you to call referrals that you have received from your business broker some good questions to ask are were you please with the results that you got? In your initial a valuation did you find that the results were consistent the sales price that you received? Did your broker follow the strategic plan that you had laid out? If the situation arose would you rehire the business broker that you used? Was he knowledgeable in the dealings and did he provide you with good advice? If information being given was uncomfortable to you freely give it such as if the original asking price may not have been realistic?

I asking questions that are so open ended you are able to truly find out the real character of the person that you have chosen to deal with. When considering the answers that were given to these questions they should be consistent with the written references that the broker originally gave you. You may also want to find out if your business broker belongs to any local businesses, charity groups or churches that may indicate his reputation within his community. It shows that they have roots within the community and they both work and strive to be known as reputable people. Another good place to look is at industry associations that your best business broker Las Vegas may belong to as most of these associations have ethical codes by which they operate. The Las Vegas community is a large one and it offers many different opportunities for person to be involved in and active enough for you to find out information about people’s experiences in dealing with them. Finding that they are involved in such associations and organizations can indicate to you the efforts that they make in playing the game fairly. If you find that this person is somebody who is willing to cut corners and other aspects of their career is very likely that this will be no different with you and they will cut corners with you as well. Thus far has the business broker made statements to you that are consistent and make sense? If this is not the case and the things that they tell you do not make sense for you find inconsistencies continually it would be wise for you to continue to look for business broker that you will not conflict with personality wise. There may be other conflict slowly brewing and you would most likely do well to find someone else to work with.

To get a good feeling or vibe from the best business broker Las Vegas that you are working with? Is always good to trust your gut instinct and if you do not feel that you can trust this person it might time to move on you to find somebody else that you work better with. It is also wise for you to test the knowledge that the business broker has in dealing with the specific industry of your business. What kind of formal education have they received to qualify them for their career choice? While formal education does not tell you anything about their experience in the real world or the knowledge that they have built with different industries it does let you know that there qualified on the basic levels to perform the duties chore seeking them to perform. Has there been a continued education obtained on the part of the business broker? No matter what career person is chosen change consistently happens within that field regarding regulations such as tax laws, ups and downs within the market as well is new technology. Has your business broker state on top of and abreast of all of the new technology and information for changes within their career field of choice? Knowing all of these things is very important in the utilizing some of the information given above should be able to get a good idea of the kind of reputation that your business broker has. Integrity is important as is compatibility between the two of you as a trusting relationship needs to be formed and built.

The Role a Business Broker Plays in Selling Your Business

A best business broker Las Vegas can make the entire process of selling your business faster and can often get you a better price than you would have received had you try to sell it on your own. That is their business, selling businesses. Business brokers know how to market each business that is brought to them and they know how to set a reasonable asking price for each business. One of their keys functions in selling your business is to make sure that it is not underpriced or overpriced. They also know how to find qualified buyers who are ready and willing to buy thus decreasing the amount of time that your business will have to stay on the open market. They will help you to gather all of the information that is needed for prospective buyers in order for them to make a good decision about purchasing your company. There is a critical role as the seller will not be able to be made if there is not the listing price established and all of the details of the business known and presented in a professional and appealing manner. Having their knowledge and experience will help the communication process and the cooperation between the two parties involved being the buyer and the seller a lot smoother. Being involved as the uninterested third-party they can fairly and effectively pushed the business deal forward and successfully close the sale.

Best business broker Las Vegas offers their clients the ability to correctly market the property they are trying to sell and open up the pool of potential buyers that you would not otherwise have access to if you tried to sell your business on your own. Having the knowledge of the business broker is invaluable when it comes to completing the sale between the business owner and the prospective buyer. It is their job to know all the legal requirements for the different types of businesses within the geographical region that they work in. They will set the selling price using their knowledge and experience and will be able to defend any questions about the price that they have given and how they came up with the numbers that they came up with. Prospective buyers want to feel secure in the fact that these were not numbers just pulled out of thin air but based off of facts. Brokers have inside knowledge that allow them to know what kind of price a buyer is willing to pay or what kind of price the seller is willing to accept and they are able to negotiate a price that both parties can be happy with excepting. It is difficult to sell a business on your own when you do not have the knowledge that it takes to make both parties happy with negotiations been made. Brokers were with unique small businesses all the time and are able to affectively evaluate each individual company and come up with a plan for marketing the company that will open your business up to a wide range of prospective buyers. This is not something that is likely to be able to be done if you try to sell your business on your own. If the industry that your business is in happens to be one that they are not knowledgeable of they have plenty of access to a network of brokers and somewhere within that network they will find somebody who has handled this type of business and can seek their advice in how to market yours. The resources that are available to business brokers are invaluable.

Is the business that you are trying to sell unique within its geographic area? Chances are there other businesses like it somewhere in the country that have at some point been successfully marketed by brokers within that geographical area. These are the networks that a business broker will utilize to help us in marketing your business and getting it sold at a fair and reasonable price. This is a priceless service that a business broker can offer their clients. It saves the clients a great deal of time that would have otherwise been wasted as well is money that would have been taken from their pockets. Best business broker Las Vegas will actively be able to market and sell your business successfully.

Simple fact of the matter is that being a business owner does not allow you the extra time or resources that you need to find prospective buyers or with the knowledge to set a price that is fair for all the parties involved. Because business owners do not have this extra time to do the research you will often see them trying to sell their business at a price that is too high causing many prospective buyers to just simply pass up the deal or you will find that they have set the price too low and end up losing money that can help secure their future. Selling a business can be a frustrating experience. But contacting a best business broker Las Vegas, like Jennifer Weinberg, can help to alleviate almost all of the legwork and take away most of the frustration that you would be feeling otherwise. A business broker knows how to speak the professional language of buying or selling businesses. This can be a big determining factor on the success of the sale. Let us do the hard work for you.


10 Tips to Keep in Mind If You Are Going to Sell Your Business Las Vegas

When people look into buying a business they want to see proof of how successful that business is. They want proof of the sales and profits that have been made in the past by the business. To sell your business Las Vegas successfully you need to make sure that you start on solid ground. To do this you need to make sure that you price your business right. Sometimes business brokers cannot find it in themselves to tell you that you are asking too much for your business. It is important to remember that you should never choose which business broker you are going to use based off who wants to get you the highest listing price. You need to be realistic about your expectations or you will never close the deal with potential buyers. It is natural for somebody to overprice their business especially when doing it themselves and their sentimental and emotional attachment that makes them feel that is worth more. The longer your business it is on the market the more wary prospective buyers will become as this creates doubts in their minds.

If your business is a unique one in the business broker is unable to appraise it or perhaps all the different parties involved cannot agree on a price and terms you may need to hire an independent business valuation specialist. Receiving a good valuation may cost you a little your money but in the end it will be worth it when you can defend the price that you are asking for with confidence. When you are ready to sell your business Las Vegas you need to remember that you need to make a list of all furniture, fixtures as well as equipment that will come along with the purchase of the company. Prospective buyers will expect to see this list and they will also expect to be able to go in and make sure that everything listed is in good working order. You will also want to make sure that you offer the new prospective buyer and attractive lease agreement. Whether it is the existing lease or a new lease is written this needs to be handled upfront. It would also be tiered Vantage if you took a little extra time and effort to make sure that the business has a great appearance. A nice-looking business will sell before a rundown looking business. Potential buyers are likely to ask to have large amounts deducted from the offer price if the business does not seem and appear to be in tip top shape. Make sure that the premises surrounding your business are neat and clean and that everything within the business inside and out is in good repair. When it comes to pricing you need to remember you will lose money if you under pressure business but you could very well lose the sale if it is overpriced.

When you sell your business Las Vegas you need to remember that some buyers will be concerned that after you have sold the business that you will go back into business and be in competition with them thus taking all of their customers. It is not unusual for prospective buyer to ask you to sign an agreement and make a promise that you will not go back into business within a certain distance or time frame becoming competition with them. It is also important to remember the buyers will expect you to give them a reason that you are selling your company. This is always a major concern and you need to have a good reason to give them. Often times a buyer will have concerns that the business is going under and this is your reason for selling. Prior to the relationship being formed they may have concerns about honesty and truth of the business’s condition. If they do not see that you have logical reason to sell they will automatically think the worst and this can be damaging to the deal. You want to be upfront with everything so there are no surprises for the buyer. If there any negative aspects to the business letting this be known to your broker from the very beginning will help everybody in overcoming these things.

The process that is involved with and the steps that you must take to sell your business Las Vegas is not something that is for the faint of heart. This is not the time or the place for you to be timid and hiring a business broker who can bring to the table a professional approach can alleviate any legal problems or complications that may arise. Having these types of problems can quickly become a nightmare for all parties involved. To avoid this there are a few steps that you should take. Form a solid team that works well together. Follow the advice that is given to you from the team of professionals that you have gotten together and hired to help you through this process. They know what they are doing. Let them do their jobs. Prepare a convincing package that will present your business in a positive light allowing prospective buyers to feel comfortable and confident in their decision to buy your company. Make sure that your business broker targets qualified buyer prospects. You have come up with the number and asking price so you know what type of buyer you need and how much money they will need to be able to purchase your business. Do not waste time on people who financially are unable to come through. Finally you want to make sure that all negotiations that are done, are done in a professional and fair manner for all parties involved. This will help the transaction to be completed smoothly and without any problems. This is your company and the end results will determine your future.